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Tuition Assistance

We are called to develop a community of persons who are formed in the image and likeness of Christ. To achieve this end, we will encourage and support Catholic education in our elementary school.
With these words contained in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Mission Statement, our parish expresses its commitment to the importance of Catholic education. To encourage all parish families to consider a Catholic education, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish provides tuition assistance for eligible parish families who have a child or children in our elementary school and are in need of financial help. This monetary assistance is paid for by the parish and administered through the Chattanooga Deanery Catholic Schools Operating Fund with the help of Mrs. Chris Curtis.
An eligible parish family is one that has been registered and active in the parish for at least one year. However, if new to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the family must have a letter from their former parish stating that they were active and contributing members of that parish. The family should regularly contribute to the Parish offertory using the envelope system with a minimum annual yearly contribution of $350.00.
Tuition assistance guidelines and time frames are available in the parish office. Please see Ralph Christiana in the parish office for detailed information.
The Finance Board of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish