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School Advisory Board


The School Advisory Committee meets on a monthly basis and serves as an advisory panel to the Pastor and Principal of OLPH School. Visitors are welcome at all meetings. Subcommittees report on areas including facilities, athletics, and marketing. A monthly update is also provided by the principal on school happenings and issues. If you have any questions or comments regarding your school, please feel free to contact any of the members listed below. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Name   Phone E-Mail
Fr. Jim Vick Pastor 423-622-7232
Fr. Adam Royal Assoc. Pastor 423-622-7232
Leslie Fox Principal 423-622-1481

Ralph Christiana Parish Business Mgr 423-622-7232
Cissy West Director of Development 423-622-1481
Teresa Hennen Director of Admissions 423-698-3274
Kari Hudson Chairman / GirlScout Representative 423-598-1969
Kristy Higgins Vice Chairman 423-580-2808
Julie Gribben Secretary / CAG Representative 423-774-6461
Dawn Brown   502-931-3864
Lori Laufer   215-431-0038
Dennis Wolf   423-987-1220
Jack Berry   423-394-9555
Tim Monahan   423-451-2104
Rick Kessler   423-991-8803
Amy Scott   423-443-9765
Dawn Downes Home & School Representative 404-932-4119
Rotating Faculty member