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Virtues of the Month 2017-2018




Virtue Mass Date

Virtue & Meaning

September 8th Sept. 1 Charity-Loving God with all your heart, mind, and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.
October 4th Oct. 6 Friendship-Sharing a mutual love that seeks the good of the other
November 1st Nov. 3 Courtesy-Being thoughtful of others
December 7th Dec. 1 Purity-Keeping your soul free from sin
January 5th Jan. 12 Fortitude-Being brave and strong in the face of trials
February 6th Feb. 9 Prudence-Making good decisions in specific circumstances
March 3rd March 2 Respect-Recognizing the dignity of all people
April K April 13 Forgiveness-Pardoning those who offend you
May 2nd May 4 Responsibility-Being reliable in your duties and accountable for your actions