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COVID-19 and Options for your Family

COVID-19 & Options for your Family

We continue to confront the moving target of COVID-19 in our personal and professional lives. Information continues to flow at a continuous and at times conflicting rate. We are working hard to sift through information from the Center for Disease Control, the TN Department of Health and the American Association of Pediatrics as well as consultations with health and educational professionals.  We are committed to providing a SAFE and nurturing environment for our students and families.  

Knowing that these are uncertain times and each family has different risks, it was important for us as a school community to acknowledge this and offer a plan that supports each of you during this time.   We will offer two models at the start of school, a model where students join us physically on campus, (with specific safety protocols) and remotely in a hybrid model so that students can be at home but also connect with their teachers and peers on a specific schedule. 

At-School Learning/Physical School

Students will be able to return to school on August 3rd in back to back phases. While in school, we will follow the distancing guidelines outlined more specifically below. 

At-School Learning/Physical School Phase In: When our students return in August, it will have been 5 MONTHS since they were back on our campus. For this reason, we are going to start with a rolling start. 

Part 1: AUGUST 3rd: Students across all grades with last names A-M will join our campus be introduced to our teachers, and new protocols. 

Part 2: AUGUST 4th: Students across all grades with last names N-Z will join our campus be introduced to our teachers, and new protocols.

Blended/Hybrid Model

We are going to extend the offer the choice of a hybrid model for those families who would feel more comfortable at home during these challenging times.  This model is open for those who register at this time OR in the event a student is ill and needs to be away from campus for an extended period of time.  We humbly ask that once you choose this model you commit for the semester. (Unless of course we have a vaccine and all regulations are removed).

Hybrid Model Schedule: We are in the process of organizing specific hybrid model schedules which will be released the week of registration on July 31st.  These schedules will coordinate with the physical schedule at OLPH so that we can ensure as much teacher time as possible.

Teacher Contact: Teachers will have explanations of their days lesson on their Google Classroom. You will see OUR teachers explaining THEIR lessons.  At the end of the day, students will have the opportunity to connect with their teachers in a live chat to ask questions or gain clarification on a topic or assignment.

Student Contact: Whether it is a social time at lunch or during a group project with their classmates at school we will seek out at least three times a week for your child to connect with his or her peers. 

Google Classroom: The hub of all of your information for classwork. Teachers have been working hard over the summer to collaborate across subjects, and write detailed lessons so that with their support you can more easily guide your student at home.