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The Middle School Academic experience (Grades 6-8) at OLPH offers our students the opportunity to develop independent and collaborative learning skills.   Our disciplined approach to scholarship consists of Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Spanish, Physical Education, Art, and Religion. This well-rounded curriculum reinforces our commitment to teach the whole child and integrate our core Catholic teachings in all that we do.  Whether it is a cross-curricular project, morning “flex times” to get to know classmates better, or research ways to solve real-world problems, our Middle School students are well-prepared to lead and learn confidently. 


Our middle school grades are divided into three houses based on our three pillars to Know, Love, and Serve. Each of these houses has a signature color based on our school colors. The yellow house is Cognitio, which is Latin for “know.” The blue house is Caritas, which is Latin for “love.” Finally, the white house is Ministro, which is Latin for “serve.” The class houses meet once a month for prayer breakfasts and compete for house points through service hours. Houses earn service hours by helping faculty, staff, and other students, through high academic achievement and participation in class. Houses are rewarded quarterly for having the most points.