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Parent and Teacher Testimonials


Read what our parents and teachers have to say...


“Our son has attended OLPH since pre-K and he and my husband and I could not be happier.  We've always loved the community, the focus on academics in a faith-based atmosphere and the open and friendly atmosphere.  Recently, the response to the pandemic has thoroughly reinforced our feelings.  From the digital offerings in the Spring of 2020 to the preparedness for students to return to on-campus learning in the Fall of 2020 and the safety of return to school in 2021 after the Christmas break, the faculty and staff have responded to the risks in the community, listened to the needs of students and families and have succeeded in keeping our students safe and healthy with on-campus learning. I have felt it so important for my son to have the structure and the normalcy of attending school in person and am confident that it has been the best thing for him. The fact that we've been through an entire semester without a COVID case in the school is remarkable!” Parent, 2021

“My children have been attending OLPH for 8 years and we have loved it! The teachers and administration are innovative, enthusiastic and committed to nurturing a life-long desire to learn. My shy son has come out of his shell and his sister has learned to challenge herself and take risks. With a focus on virtues, my children are being nurtured every day to fulfill their spiritual and academic potential and to have a growth mindset. They have also had the opportunity to participate and learn new sports without the pressure of “trying out”. When the pandemic hit last year, our school transitioned smoothly to online learning. I appreciated the thought that went into assignments and that my children didn’t have to spend 8 hours a day online for school. This year we were given the choice to come in person or continue remotely. The calendar was adjusted with consideration to COVID and there have been NO issues at all. Being able to attend school in person has greatly benefited my children.” Parent, 2021

“We currently have 2 children and a 3rd who will all be attending OLPH. Having attended private school all my life, I know the importance of a faith-based school that teaches not just academics, but personal values and ethics. Knowing every morning when I drop off my children feeling secure that they are in a SAFE and LOVING environment is worth all the gold in the world. I would fully recommend this school for any family considering sending their children to a Christian school. Choosing OLPH has been the greatest blessing when we moved here in 2017.” Parent, 2021

“This is the most wonderful school! Students are very bright academically and socially. I believe this is because Jesus is embraced as the best teacher there ever was and his teachings are passed on to our students. Serving others is as much a standard at OLPH as the academics of reading, writing and arithmetic. The faculty embrace our families with love as we strive to make this world a better place.” 4th Grade Teacher, 2020