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David Galik

Since 1982 Mr. Galik has been a staple in the OLPH community.  It's hard to think of an area of the school of which Mr. Galik hasn't been involved.  A former volleyball, basketball and baseball coach he has seen our student-athletes reach success in both the classroom and athletic arenas.

Currently, he teaches, 6th World History, 7th American History Columbus through the Civil War, and 8th grade American History through Modern Times. It is in the classroom that Mr. Galik has honed the ability to make the scholars of OLPH reach new heights. He loves creating the opportunity for students to become active participants in their learning. His favorite part about teaching is watching those "light bulb moments "when a student understands an idea or concept. A master storyteller, you will see Mr. Galik's students rapt with attention as they learn about civilizations, customs, and governments around the world.