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Leah Dalton

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Ms. Dalton joined the OLPH community in the Fall of 2017.  Her philosophy is simple, we are all artists in some way, and God created us from His image, and he is the greatest creator and artist of all.  As a result, we do all naturally have it in us to be creative.  She loves teaching at OLPH, because every day she nurtures and teaches her students self-expression, spiritual growth, and exploration through art. 

Ms. Dalton Art has always believed that art is great tool for communicating and can be a beautiful look into the thoughts and spirit of another in a way that few things can. She is proud to utilize the gifts God has given her in order to cultivate human beings with a well-rounded education in our world and future. 

Here in the OLPH Art room, you will find a buzzing of creativity in action. Students are working, talking as they move about within a room fixed with purpose. They gather materials for their projects and get their hands set to their tasks with music drifting through the room. The teacher can be found making her rounds, checking on projects, playing artist-assistant, and giving guidance when needed.