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Maggie Burns

Mrs. Burns started working at OLPH after a career in both the advertising and publishing industry. Inspired by her Catholic Faith to make a greater impact on the world around her and in the future of children, Mrs. Burns began to pursue a second career in education. As our 8th grade English/Language Arts teacher and our Dean of Students, Mrs. Burns combines her previous professional expertise, content knowledge, and strong faith to ensure that our 8th graders are prepared for High School both morally and scholastically.  

She builds confidence in her students with rigorous yet, engaging lessons that ultimately help her students to see that their relationship with God is paramount because He created them for a reason. He knew them before they were knitted in their mother's womb, and he has a purpose for them in this life. Through her teaching, students learn through literature to develop empathy as they place themselves in the lives of the characters. That empathy becomes the groundwork for social justice and social action through which the Catholic Church works tirelessly to promote.