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Booster Club


Booster Club Membership Form


The OLPH Booster Club has been established for the purpose of assisting and furthering athletics at OLPH School by ensuring that the sports programs are adequately supplied with the proper equipment and that all students have proper uniforms that reflect the values and policies of the school.

The duties and functions of the OLPH Booster Club are as follows:

1. Implement the policies of OLPH School in regard to the athletic program.

2. Evaluate and procure equipment/facilities for the sports program.

3. Manage and procure adequate uniforms for all sanctioned sports at OLPH.

4. Organize fund-raising activities in order to establish funds to support the aforementioned duties and functions.

5. Assist in creating a better understanding of the athletic program of the school.

6. Establish committees on an ad hoc basis for special projects as needed.

This body is composed of parents and faculty who have a special interest in the development of a strong athletic program. To accomplish the goals set forth above, money is raised solely from membership dues and fundraising events.

All parents of student-athletes are encouraged to join the Booster Club, and membership is $40 a year. 

2017-2018 OLPH Booster Club Board members are:

  • Sharon Leath ( Athletic director
  • Kari Ingle (
  • Deanna Roberts (
  • Gina Tartar (
  • Laura Brady (
  • Kelley Johnson (