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Makers' Club

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About Makers' Club:
"Makers' Clubs" began as an idea to allow young people to experience the joy of creating things. Its origin is "Make Magazine" and "Tinkering School," a one week program where young people get to explore the world of engineering and science. "Make Magazine," like the early days of “Popular Electronics Magazine," has step by step instructions for building projects.

"Makers' Club" is an ongoing program that allows young people to explore engineering and science by taking part in directed projects while allowing them to make design decisions. 

As part of learning about engineering, many clubs highlight disassembly as part of the learning program. Students can sometimes learn more by taking things apart then by putting them together. Many of the best engineers got started by taking apart their parents' washing machines. As part of the Makers' Club, we want to nurture this by gathering as many things as we can for the children to take apart. We might even put some of them back together.
For more information, contact Glenn Gass at
Meetings are held on Tuesdays from 3:30 or so to 4:30/5 ish (depending on the project) and how quickly we get through.