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Scrip Gift Cards

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Scrip FAQs

What Is Scrip? Scrip is a fundraising program that lets you earn while you shop at all your favorite stores and let the retailers make the donations! When you purchase Scrip, you’re purchasing gift cards from national and local retailers - the same gift cards available in stores. Hundreds of participating retailers sell gift cards to OLPH at a substantial discount. Member families, like yours, buy the cards at face value and redeem them at face value. OLPH keeps the retailers’ discounts (from 1.5-16% or more) as a profit. There is no cost to you, and you don’t have to sell anything.
Example: You purchase a $100 Lands’ End card with a 15% discount rate and use it to buy $100 worth of school uniforms. Your purchase has earned $15.00 (contributed by Land’s End). You will be credited $7.50 towards your rebate account (see below). The other $7.50 goes to the OLPH Annual Fund.
You can use Scrip for everyday purchases like food, gas, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn money for OLPH. Hundreds of popular retailers participate in Scrip including Wal-Mart/Sam’s, Kohl’s, Pizza Hut, Chili’s, CVS, Speedway, Walgreens and many more. Still, other local national companies that we deal with directly (e.g. Publix and Food City) are also available. Check out the complete list of retailers at and then put your shopping dollars to work for OLPH.
How Does The Rebate Program Work? Each year, when your rebate earnings reach $50, OLPH will apply 50% of the discounts you have earned (a minimum of $25) as a credit in your family's name. The Scrip program is set up to share the profits with you! It is an incentive for you to support our Scrip program. Credits will be tallied all year (from June 1 to May 31) and distributed to you in June. Scrip becomes a painless saving vehicle to help you offset the cost of tuition or other educational expenses. If your earnings for the year total $200 or above, you may request that the check be made out to OLPH School and applied to your student's tuition for the following year. You will receive a notice of the credit amount.
How Do I Enroll In The Scrip Sales And Rebate Program? Getting started is easy. Fill out the Scrip Program Agreement and Enrollment Form to ensure proper credit for your child. Even if you filled out an enrollment form last year, please fill out a new one to be included in the program each school year. Forms should be returned to the school office.
How Do I Place An Order? WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO ORDER ONLINE. Online ordering is convenient – orders can be placed 24/7. Online ordering also gives you access to all types of cards (physical, ScripNow and reloads) and all participating retailers in the program for best selection. It also allows for accurate tracking of your credits and is safe and secure. If you already have an online account and have selected OLPH as your Non-Profit Organization, you are ready to go.
To register a new account: Go to Click on “Family Sign- Up”. Go to “Create Account” under “Family Registration”. Then complete Steps 1-5. Accept your account information. Next, you will be asked to enter our School Enrollment Code, which you can get by calling the school office. Once you have entered the code, your “non-profit” should show as OLPH Catholic School. This tells Scrip where to ship your cards.
There are 2 ways to pay for your online order:
1. Pay by check: Print your order confirmation page and send it along with your Scrip payment in the form of cash, a check or money order made payable to OLPH SCRIP to the school office. Orders are due on Tuesdays by 9 A.M. for delivery by Friday afternoons.
2. “Presto Pay”- automatic online bank draft: To have your bank account automatically drafted, select “PrestoPay” from the left sidebar. Then follow the directions online. Your account will take several days to verify before it will allow you to make an automatic bank draft payment. Therefore, you will be directed to check your e-mail for further information and instructions to confirm your account. There is a small surcharge of 15 cents per order to use Presto Pay. Always keep a copy of your order confirmations. For your initial payment (after signing up for “Presto Pay”) you may choose “pay by check” and submit your payment to OLPH SCRIP immediately. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your account is verified and log back on to submit online payment at a later time.
What is “ScripNow!”? ScripNow! Is the fastest and easiest way to purchase Scrip. You can order for yourself or send an eGift in seconds for various retailers. ScripNow! can be delivered and used in minutes simply by using PrestoPay, or pay by check, and we can release the order for you.
Can I Just Use the Order Form? Yes! On Tuesday mornings, you can also send in a paper order form (available on the website or in the Development Office) with payment, and we will process your order manually.
What About Inventory Purchases? A limited number of Scrip cards will be available in the OLPH Development Office for immediate purchase on a first-come, first-served basis each week. (American Express cards cannot be ordered via the order form and cannot be kept in inventory - you have to order these through your ShopwithScrip account.) You will still receive rebate credit as long as we have a completed enrollment form on file. If you have set up your PrestoPay account, you can even call during the day to be sure we have the cards you need in stock, place your order online, pay with PrestoPay, and we will send your order home the same day with your student! Wal-Mart, Publix, Starbucks, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, gas cards, Discover, and a selection of restaurants are usually kept in inventory (The * next to a card on the downloadable order form at the top of this page indicates a card that we try to keep in stock). In addition, inventory sales are offered once a month after the weekend Masses in Holy Family Hall. If there are specific cards you would like to see in inventory, please let us know.
How Do I Get My Order? You may pick-up your order or purchase inventory in the OLPH Development Office during school hours. Online orders placed by Tuesday morning will be available for pickup on the following Friday. In order for your student to bring home Scrip orders, we will need written permission from you (on the registration form you submit). Orders being sent home with students in grades Pre-K through 4 will be delivered to the classrooms to be put into Friday Folders. Older students will be called to the office to pick orders up at the end of the school day - it is best to let them know to be listening for their name to be called. OLPH is not responsible for lost Scrip cards once they are given to your child. If you have questions, please contact Cissy West at We look forward to your participation this year.
Thank you, from the OLPH Scrip team.